3 Phases Of Home Ownership

Getting the home you want and ready for move-in is a complicated process that involves dozens, if not hundreds, of steps. Overlooked details can grow into major problems, and even minor mistakes can eat up precious time and money.

As the region's largest and most experienced provider of Manufactured Homes, we have the expertise and connections to make sure things go smoothly. Listed here are a just some of the ways we help our buyers navigate the process.

Granted, every situation is different — which is exactly why it makes sense to go with the company that has been getting it right since 1972.

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PHASE 1: Home Arrangements

  • Establish a timeline based on your target move-in date
  • Provide a free credit report and consulting on budgets, mortgages, and financing
  • Assist with financing arrangements (if needed)
  • Presentation of home models, construction, trim and decor options
  • Comprehensive proposed site analysis: Review site suitability and location options (Access to utilities including water, sewage, electrical, roadways)
  • Deliver report presenting any concerns and recommendations for site upgrades (Example: Proximity to an unstable hillside or potentially problematic vegetation)
  • Handling of the permit process and matters relating to all concerned government agencies, inspectors, and regulatory authorities
  • Serving as the buyer’s advocate in any permitting conflicts or delays

PHASE 2: Home Preparation

  • Site preparation (including clearing, excavation, leveling)
  • Creation of the home foundation (based on individual engineering specifications)
  • Coordination (if necessary) for roads, easements, parking, fire lanes and related improvements and/or access needs
  • Assistance with matters related to drainage, gutters, problematic waterways
  • Design, installation, and approvals for the septic system
  • Siting and drilling of the well (or connections to an existing water system)
  • Hook-up and testing of the septic system
  • Power sources: Implementation of gas/electrical/solar options
  • Construction and code approvals for any additional architectural or home elements (sheds, decks, patios, skirting, porches, etc.)

PHASE 3: Home Delivery

  • Delivery of your new home
  • Seating the home and connection of all utilities
  • Complete top-to-bottom inspection
  • If needed, assistance with any home-owner requested changes, repairs, inquiries
  • Activation of Coach Corral’s Comprehensive Home Warranty