Glossary Of Frequently Used Terms

The metal framework on which a manufactured home is constructed. The chassis is a permanent fixture of the home, hidden from view with installation of skirting.

Provided by both conventional and nonconventional lenders,construction period financing allows for the streamlined financing of land / home packages. Although the interim construction period rate is often offered at a premium, the cost savings over securing two separate loans often makes this a worthwhile option for many customers

The term given to single stage financing where the entire project is lent on and funded at the conclusion of the construction process.


(Federal Housing Administration) — Federal government program that provides for non conventional home financing contingent on additional home and site construction standards.

(Housing Unified Development Code) — a federal housing code originally written in 1965 and revised most recently in 2010 that governs the construction of Manufactured Homes which are inspected at the factory

(International Residential Code) — The governing code for the construction of site and modularly constructed homes. When homes are built to the IRC, site specific construction plans must be submitted and approved by the local permitting jurisdiction and inspected on site.

Factory constructed homes built under the HUD Code after June 30, 1976.

The linear points at which homes built in two or more sections are joined together.

Factory constructed homes built under the HUD Code prior to June 30, 1976.

Factory construction homes built under the IRC Code.

Improvements to your land including general excavation and utility
installation, also known as site-work.

Any features added to a home that is not a standard construction feature

Recreational dwelling units under 400 square feet of living space. Many Park models are constructed in the same prefabrication facilities as modular and manufactured homes but built to the ANSI Code and inspected at the factory.

Perimeter foundation fascia constructed from a variety of materials including vinyl, cedar, block and cement.

A list of home features that are constructed into the home as
standard in a particular manufacturer and model.

Homes built from the ground up at the construction site.

Who takes care of me after the sale?

We do. You have our word.

Who knows about drainage?

We do.

Who sets up your septic system?

We do.

Need help with permits?

We Can Handle That For You.

What about the well?

We Can Handle That For You.

Need to arrange financing?

We can help. (Or, “We’re the experts.”)

Who handles utility hook-ups?

We do.

Who manages site preparation?

We do.