Frequently Asked Questions

An experienced home dealership has seen enough through the years to spot problems before they occur. Often times getting the home is the easiest and m enjoyable part of the process. It’s all the other stuff like set-up, permitting, and site work that can delay a project for months and cause people headaches. Having an experienced team of professionals working for you assures that if anything gets out of line you will be taken care of.

Washington, like other states, has their own specific legislature on housing. And within Washington each county also has their own requirements. With over 40 years of experience we at Coach Corral have come to understand and adapt to ever changing laws not only at a Washington State level but at the County level as well.

There are a number of options available to you if you are considering replacing an existing manufactured home, one of these options may be to trade the value of your existing unit for payment on a new home.

That actually depends, but most often yes, you will need a permit.
Is there a difference between a manufactured home and a modular home?
Yes there is, and it’s important to distinguish between the two. Although built from the same materials, and in the same prefabrication facilities, manufactured and modular homes are built to different codes and require different plan reviews and construction inspections. Coach Corral works with both modular and manufactured homes allowing us to assure your home is built using the construction process best suited to your situation.

Look no further. Coach Corral is a licensed contractor and in addition to home sales has it’s own in-house site development department with a wide network of trusted contractors. We can do land-home packages and work with your lender to get funding for your entire project so that you don’t come up short for some unexpected job cost. Also, we can perform a home site inspection and give you a line item bid of all the necessary work to be done on your site.

Each of the home manufactures offers a variety of features that come standard with the home straight from the factory. Ordering a home “stock” will come with all of the basic amenities itemized in the home’s “Standard Features list.”

Come see us as soon as possible! If you have a potential claim for damage on an existing manufactured home we can help you navigate the replacement process. We pride ourselves on ensuring that our customers receive the maximum value for their claims and receive the best care possible. We would be more than happy to work with you, your insurance company and any financial institution that may be involved in your home replacement.

Mother-in law? Caretaker? Many municipalities have ordinances that allow for the placement of secondary dwellings; although each situation is very unique. We would be happy to consult with you on the specifics of your proposed project.

Some dealerships choose to use the term “Factory Direct” in an attempt to distinguish themselves as offering their homes at a lower price by cutting out a middle man. In fact all manufacturing facilities contract through independent dealerships. Even better, because we are Washington State’s largest manufactured and modular home dealership, we are often able to negotiate for better construction prices and delivery schedule, bringing you unparalleled value.

A bit curious? Read about our history on the About Us page to learn how our founder chose the company name.

Most likely yes! There are only a few rules to follow when applying your dream floorplan to the manufacturing process, but with those in mind the options are almost endless. Unlike most community home builders, we don’t charge for custom changes simply for the fact they are custom, but rather price the project based on the materials and actual labor used.

We offer many different ways to make your manufactured home look like any other stick built. We can give the home a steeper residential roof pitch from the manufactured 3:12 roof pitch to a standard residential 4:12, and we even have an innovative system for putting on a 5:12 roof pitch that stands tall among all the other roofs. Horizontal lap siding, dormers, architectural shingles, metal roofs, pit setting, custom windows and rock skirting are some of the many ways we help our homes “blend in” where manufactured homes are not the standard.

Yes! Due to the a law passed in 2005 the Senate Bill 6593 allows manufactured homes to be placed anywhere single-family dwellings are allowed. This includes city limits, planned communities, and out in the country. According to the law all housing is to be regulated equally, regardless of whether it was stick built or factory built.

Our longevity in the industry has allowed Coach Corral to build strong relationships with lenders who give our customers the most competitive rates, payments, and loan terms. We are happy to work with a variety of financing programs such as FHA, VA, Construction, and End Fund loans. With just a quick credit application we can start the process to get you the loan that’s right for your new home project.

Who takes care of me after the sale?

We do. You have our word.

Who knows about drainage?

We do.

Who sets up your septic system?

We do.

Need help with permits?

We Can Handle That For You.

What about the well?

We Can Handle That For You.

Need to arrange financing?

We can help. (Or, “We’re the experts.”)

Who handles utility hook-ups?

We do.

Who manages site preparation?

We do.