Pioneering A Path Toward Modern Home Ownership

Learn more about our history and what distinguishes us from other Manufactured Home dealerships. Aerial photo by Doreen Wynja.

Coach Corral History

A black and white historic image of Coach Corral's staff behind a banner that reads 'Sensational Values!'

Coach Corral is a third generation family owned and operated business headquartered in Mount Vernon, Washington.

We were founded in 1972 by Dale Padgett. From our humble beginnings, we have grown to become Washington State’s largest seller of Manufactured Homes.

We attribute our success to a tradition of providing solid value for our customers. You can learn more from our historical TV spots.

A black and white historical image of children at Coach Corral.

Since our founding, we have built a reputation as the company that goes the extra mile for its customers. We provide assistance from the beginning of the home-buying process until the day you happily settle into your new home.

A black and white image of Coach Corral staff in front of a tabletop home model. A banner in the background reads, 'Anniversary Sale'.

In an era in which everyone boasts of excellent customer service, we prefer to let our record — and our customers — speak for us.

Your new Manufactured Home is a big purchase. We encourage you to learn about what we provide and what our customers and those we do business with have to say.

When you’re ready, we’ll help answer additional questions, define industry terminology, and make your dream of home ownership a reality.